Welcome to my world

Born Tyrone Tennon, Tytentalk used creative writing early on to express his feelings, experiences, and lessons learned through music, short stories, and poetry. His English teacher, Mrs. McKinney would always rave about the student he presumed to be, and her praises encouraged him to continue writing. Tytentalk realized his writing could reach others in 2008 when he completed his final English assignment for Mrs. McKinney; an 8-10 page biography of his very own life experiences. It wasn't the grade, but the reaction he received from everyone whom he allowed to read it; tears fell from their faces, but encouragement flowed from their lips.

After Graduating high school in 2008, he went on to graduate Army Basic, AIT training, and has served as a military police officer for over 12 years, all while still pursuing his passion as a creative writer.

Tytentalk accomplished his goal of becoming a published author in 2020 with the publication of “my experience through spoken word” . In these poems, he shares stories from his own personal experiences, and the experiences of those closest to him. will allow you to subscribe to and have access to some of his short stories and poems, all written and created by him.